Lumina Spark is the 1st psychometric assessment tool to go Digital.

Lumina Learning’s Spark assessment tool now supports the Lumina Splash App so you can share and compare your personality preferences on mobile devices.

The Lumina Splash App is a colorful depiction/illustration of 8 of your very own personality traits:

1. Inspiration Driven AND
2. Discipline Driven
3. Big Picture Thinking AND
4. Down-to-Earth
5. Extraverted AND
6. Introverted
7. Outcome Focused AND
8. People Focused
So………WHY do we use the word “AND”?

No more putting people in boxes!

Lumina assessment tools recognize that people have more complex personalities than other ‘typing’ assessment tools. Lumina is a trait tool, and that means it measures each quality directly. The result is that Lumina embraces our opposites.

For example:
• As a coach, I am BOTH a Big Picture Thinker AND Down-to-Earth.  That means I have the ability see the big picture, really envision it, AND at the same time I have the ability to  be practical and see what’s needed to implement

• As a sales professional, my husband is BOTH Introverted AND Extraverted. That means he has a talent in not only being sociable and having the ability to “talk up a storm” he also has the keen ability to listen and observe – very important in connecting with his customers and knowing what they really need

• As a chiropractor, my daughter is BOTH People Focused AND Outcome Focused. This allows her to really connect with her patients, understand where their pain is and how it impacts their life. And of course, the outcome is very important to her practice, since helping her patients get relief is crucial in keeping them as her patients.

Lumina also recognizes that our strengths, and how we act, can morph when we are in different situations. So Lumina assesses our personality qualities in 3
different situations and describes these as 3 different ‘personas’.

The 3 different ‘personas’ we all operate from within are:

1. Your ‘Underlying’ self -the “you” you are when you are most natural, like alone at home

2. Your ‘Everyday’ self -the “you” you are when you are out in the world, whether at work or at play

3. Your ‘Overextended’ self -the “you” you are when you are under stress.

Have you ever heard someone say: “I’ve never seen him/her yell like that before. That’s not like him/her.”
Well, in fact, the person actually IS like that, but when under stress (i.e. their Overextended self) different traits predominate, and our strengths can morph.
Lumina helps you gain self-awareness and an understanding of how you behave within each of these 3 personas. Use the Lumina Splash to understand who your fellow workers really are and vice versa. This understanding gives you powerful information so you can better communicate with any colleague or family member, even when they are being ‘difficult’.

Imagine you are about to work with someone you haven’t worked with before, but this time you each share your Splashes and thus immediately learn about each other. You are able to quickly build a deeper understanding & a strong rapport.
N.B. If you already have the full Lumina Spark Portrait, you can see the digital version of your Splash any time by simply scanning the QR code on the paper version of your Spark portrait. You may need to contact me – your lumina practitioner – to update your portrait with the QR code. You can also share your QR code with others to compare personas. The app also provides an easy means to get in touch with your practitioner.
If you’d like to know more about how Lumina Learning can improve communication and increase effectiveness within your team and your organization, please contact me at Carol Henry Coaching. You can call me at 416-937-1072.


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