Team Coaching

When I talk about teams, I am talking about a group of people who are aligned and headed toward a common goal or outcome. Team coaching has the power to help a team develop into a WE-centric group of people who trust each other, engage in healthy conversations, create and innovate together, and are rowing in the same direction together.

Team Coaching will help your team:


  • Build trust
  • Dissolve silos within an organization
  • Communicate effectively
  • Co-regulate emotions
  • Achieve alignment
  • Develop resilience
  • Embrace change
  • Reach their goals


Our Approach

Carol Henry Coaching uses a relationship system’s coaching approach specifically designed to build trust, enhance relationships, and create strong team alignment and synergy. In addition, leaders and their teams are coached to develop their Conversational Intelligence®️, which builds trusting relationships and a safe, healthy work environment.

I begin with a Foundational Discovery Session where you and your team will identify your challenges and co-create your unique Coaching Roadmap.

I then help you build individual self-awareness and other-awareness in order to see and understand your team as a system. You will co-discover all the strengths and talents within your team and discover ways to balance your team-system. For example, you’ll learn to understand what happens to the team, and to each individual’s strengths, when the team is stressed. From there, I can teach you how to “co-regulate” the negative emotions that prevent a team from being at the top of its game. The result will be a high-trust, high-functioning, co-creating team.


Our time with Carol Henry Coaching was integral to our team moving past some unhealthy dynamics that were holding us back. We had a chance to get to know and understand each other on a more fundamental level, including the strengths we each brought to the table, as well as how to better communicate during difficult moments. The trust our team built in our time with Carol made our weekly management meetings significantly more creative and productive and things just felt like they were flying from there.

Diego Maniloff

VP Engineering @ Unata

In December 2015 we hired Carol Henry to work with our “new” executive team. We had just had a major senior leadership refresh and we wanted to establish a “code of conduct’ and figure out the best way to work together.

Carol was able to uncover some underlying issues that were getting in our way of being as effective as we could be.

Our sessions with Carol are always engaging, fun and most of all practical. We always leave invigorated by what we learned and experimented with in the sessions. But most of all we have strategies to try and implement immediately.

I can honestly say that over the past 5 years our team dynamics have changed for the better. We are the strategies we have learned to communicate in healthy transparent ways, which enables us to collaborate more effectively and achieve the kinds of goals and results we have committed to as an executive team and organization. As well, each member of the team is able to use their “new tools” to increase trust, accountability and overall performance within their own respective teams.

Cathy F.

VP CaTECH Systems

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