Leadership and Coaching Programs

  • Is Succession Planning a challenge in your organization because there are not enough leaders in your leadership pipeline?
  • Are you worried about the effectiveness of your current leaders?
  • Do many of your conversations seem to miss the mark? 
  • Are you often just talking past each other? 
  • Do silos within your organization get in the way of true collaboration and accountability?
  • Do you wonder what is getting in the way of those aspiring to be leaders?
  • Does your organization need more confident, effective and inspirational leaders?
  • Would you like to have a more WE-centric organization built on trust, healthy transparent communication and strong interdependent relationships?

At Carol Henry Coaching we believe that whatever the function, title, business or industry, leadership is fundamentally about leading and inspiring people. And so we have developed an offering of leadership programs that focus on increasing “self ‘and “other” awareness in order to develop and adopt the mindset and behaviours, often referred to as ‘soft skills’, that are needed to be a great leader.

Our programs are both introspective and experiential. Research tell us that without self-awareness leaders often get caught in their “stories”, and invariably get in their own and their team’s way of accomplishing individual, team and organizational goals. 

Our programs focus on developing a positive outlook, a growth mindset and a commitment to developing habits that serve us. Programs encourage internal growth through introspection, reflection and experimentation.  Live/virtual sessions with Carol give participants the opportunity to contextualize, apply and implement their learning.

As well, if needed, we will work closely with your organization to customize our programs to meet your leader’s unique development needs. Our custom programs can be offered virtually or in-person, or in a hybrid learning environment.

What’s Your Story?

Does It Support Who You Are Becoming?

Since the beginning of time, human beings have told stories to make sense of the world and their place in it. We all have personal stories that we’ve created beginning as far back as when we were pre-verbal. These narratives are based upon what we have observed, what we have been taught and the direct experiences in our lives. These observations, beliefs and experiences both reflect and shape who we are at any given moment. The danger is that our brains unconsciously reinforce what we already think to be true, and so we get stuck in the past, and have difficulty growing and evolving. Being stuck in our story unfortunately has the power to limit our vision, the opportunities that we see and the people we become.

This 4-week program will help you uncover your story so that you can see how it might be holding you back. Join me in uncovering, deconstructing and reconstructing your story and the beliefs that underpin it, so that your refreshed narrative has a new positive energy and power -the power to support you in reaching your goals and becoming the successful confident leader in your own life.


Who It Is For?

What’s Your Story is for you if:

  • you are feeling like your life/work/relationships are running amok in the same old loop.
  • you are feeling uncertain about the future and wonder how you will ever find satisfaction and joy?
  • you are feeling stuck and miserable
  • you are wondering what you need to do differently to move powerfully forward on your journey to becoming the strong, decisive, joyful woman you know you are meant to be.

Introduction to Conversational Intelligence®

Improve Your Personal and Professional Relationships One Conversation at a Time

Why do 9 out of 10 conversations fail to “hit the mark”?

Most of us have grown up believing that conversations are about expressing thoughts, observations and opinions. Conversations are so often used to “persuade” or “get others to think the way I think.” And that’s because 95% of what we call conversations are actually “telling” statements. “Asking” statements are rare, as is quality listening.

When conversations are ‘healthy’ and ‘robust’ they provide us with the tools for talking about what we think and feel and enable us to close the gap between your reality and mine. Truly understanding how others view the world is paramount in creating high trust cultures.
When we exercise our Conversational Intelligence® we are much more likely to develop strong meaningful relationships that achieve personal, team and organizational goals.

This Introduction to Conversational Intelligence® Coaching program will provide you with the tools you can use to communicate in ways that create a shared concept of reality, which in turn create high trust relationships, work environments and cultures where innovation, experimentation, collaboration and high accountability are the norm.

Conversational Intelligence can be cultivated in individuals, teams and organizations.


Who It Is For?

An Introduction to Conversational Intelligence® is for you if:

  • You are tired of your conversations becoming defensive “my way or the highway” exchanges
  • You approach ‘difficult conversations’ with fear and dread or perhaps you avoid them altogether
  • You often find yourself getting stuck in “needing to be right” and repeatedly knocking heads with others who also are addicted to being right?
  • You often are too emotional to really communicate and connect?
  • You find that others seem to have a hard time listening to you?

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