Lumina Spark Assessment and Debrief

Increase Your Self-Awareness

‘Lumina Spark’ is a humanistic and inclusive psychometric tool that helps individuals, leaders and their team (both at an individual and collective level) become aware of their strengths and personality preferences (in a variety of situations including when they are stressed).

Understanding how these preferences and situations impact one’s ability to build rapport, communicate, influence others and accomplish goals creates a lasting impact and common ground for individuals and teams, even when under pressure.

Lumina Spark avoids typing, labelling and boxing individuals and provides a common language and understanding that increases one’s self-awareness and their awareness of those with whom they are in relationship.

The Lumina Spark Program helps people become more adaptable, communicate more effectively and as a result build strong, trusting personal and workplace relationships. It helps teams understand each other’s strengths, behaviours, and communication needs and includes strategies to create balance within the team.



Who It Is For?

The Lumina Spark Personality Portrait and Debrief is for you if you want to:

  • Gain clarity about the strengths and qualities you ‘bring to the table’
  • Learn to leverage your strengths and qualities
  • Understand the impact of stress and how it morphs your preferred qualities and strengths and what to do about it
  • Learn how to “read” others so that you can customize your rapport building and communications, make strong connections and build effective relationships
  • Develop strategies for teams to become better balanced, more accountable and better able to communicate and collaborate

Lumina Leader Assessment and Debrief

How to Leverage My Unique Leadership Style?

Lumina Leader’ is a state-of-the-art assessment tool based on the latest leadership theories, designed to nurture leadership to its highest level. A Lumina assessment and debrief will equip you with the appropriate tools for leading others by examining both your own leadership style and the qualities of those you lead. Your unique style is your special strength and when you can also adapt it to suit every situation and every individual, you reach peak leadership performance.

This program is unique in that it reveals to you what happens to your natural leadership behaviours when you are overextended – due to stress. Lumina provides you with information that is hard to get elsewhere, as it uncovers the blockers and blind spots that each of us have about our style and behaviour choices, and together with your coach, you will learn ways to avoid these leadership pitfalls.

Lumina Leader increases self-awareness, decision making capability and the confidence to lead others in ordinary times and in times of change, increased competition and ambiguity.


Who It Is For?

A Lumina Leader Assessment and Debrief is for you with or without your team if you want:

  • A deeper understanding of your leadership skills and qualities (and those on your team)
  • To uncover and learn to leverage yours and your teams’ natural leadership tendencies
  • You want to cultivate your unique leadership style
  • You want to cultivate leaders on your team
  • The ability to adapt your leadership style to suit each unique situation
  • To increase your confidence leading under new and changing circumstances
  • To create a practical and doable Leadership Development Plan
Leadership is a series of behaviours rather than a role for heroes.
Margaret Wheatley

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