Goodbye to Anxiety and Second-Guessing

Welcome to a life of Ease and Flow



The Secret Sauce to a Life of Positivity, EASE and FLOW
It’s an inside game and it starts with YOU!

You are a smart, successful,
High-achieving woman


The outside world sees you as having it “ALL TOGETHER”


On the inside, you know different.
You constantly second-guess yourself.

You’re tired
Your life feels out of balance
You’re often not present for your family and loved ones
And you wonder
Have you sacrificed too much?

If I told you that you could:

  • reduce your anxiety and stress level,

  • improve your relationships and performance,

  • silence that nasty judging inner voice and

  • experience greater happiness and satisfaction in your life

with only:

2-minute practices, 3 times a day, would you want to know more?

We teach you how to quiet your inner judge – your inner Mean Girl – using a daily practice that will transform how you approach life’s challenges. Our program will help you increase your Mental Fitness and build a satisfying integrated life without sacrificing all that you have created so far.

Welcome to a life of EASE and FLOW – where life’s challenges become your gifts and opportunities.

I’m Carol Henry, and for 25+ years I have been coaching, individuals, leaders and teams, one-on-one and in groups, both in person and virtually. 

My clients come to me because they feel stuck.  They tell me the nasty voices in their head have them constantly questioning and second-guessing themselves, wheedling away at their belief in themselves.  Nothing ever seems to be enough! The negativity and fear of failure fuels their anxiety. What they would give to eliminate the relentless stress they are experiencing. 

They crave confidence. They want to be able to boldly step into their strengths, speak up and contribute all that they have to offer. They want to banish the imposter syndrome. 

Most of all they want to lead and contribute so they and their relationships are thriving rather than merely surviving in both their personal and professional lives. 

By increasing self-awareness and their level of Mental Fitness, my clients develop the skills needed to trust themselves and others. They TRAIN THEIR BRAINS to lean into better behaviour choices, and better decision making. They learn to manage their minds, view life’s challenges as gifts and opportunities and to live life with positivity, ease and flow.

Team-Group Coaching

Co-create a high-trust environment where everyone is able to engage in healthy conversations, create and innovate together, align towards a common goal, and truly thrive. Learn how to create a WE-centric team where everyone has influence and contributes to the team’s success.

1-on-1 Coaching

Get to know what is getting in the way of your ability to stand strong in who you are becoming.  Learn to communicate clearly, be influential, creative, collaborative and accountable. Develop the mindset and habits that will truly serve you personally and professionally.

Leadership Programs

Build your Mental Fitness and leverage your strengths. Unpack and rewrite your story and self-limiting beliefs. Become the leader who builds a high trust, accountable culture that embraces clear and honest communication, relationships, creativity and innovation.

What Carol’s Clients Say

Evelyn Humphries

“Carol designed & delivered our Leadership Development Program. This helped us as managers & as a team to became stronger communicators, even with uncomfortable issues. Being aware of each other’s strengths & learning to leverage them made us better leaders & helped our teams reach their goals. ”

Jackie Paduano

“As I contemplated making a career move I was feeling very insecure. What should I be pursuing? Do I have what it takes to be a leader? With Carol I learned to talk about & leverage my strengths, leadership choices & communication style. I reconnected with my confidence & my leader within. ”

Corinne Johnston

“As I anticipated my next career move I knew I had to enhance my leadership skills. Carol challenged me to think differently & supported me as I ventured out of my comfort zone. Shortly thereafter I landed a Director’s role & am now enjoying success. Carol helped me grow my leadership capacity.”

Susan Thomas

“Carol is wise, thoughtful, strategic, kind, encouraging and pragmatic. She was able to help me see clearly through the clutter to my desired future. Carol was able to strike the perfect balance between realism and optimism according to my needs, and as a result I was able to make the changes I needed to become a more effective leader.”

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