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Hi, I’m Carol, a Leadership and Team Coach specializing in helping women leaders step into their power, both personally and professionally. 

I’ve been formally coaching since 2007, however, I’ve been unofficially coaching my entire life –– my colleagues, teams, friends, and my two daughters, and of course let’s not forget my husband and son too!

 During my 25-year career at Canada’s largest college, I worked closely with many women – students, faculty and administrators – who were trying to navigate their studies and careers as women to overcome the many stereotypes and biases they faced daily.

 I myself had to overcome gender bias along the way, both internally and externally. I remember how when I won my role as a Director on the college admin team, I doubted my abilities and experienced severe imposter syndrome, stemming from my outdated story about women, their roles and the opportunities that are open to them. As well, my upbringing constantly reinforced the idea that women should stay quiet and in the background.

 During my time at the college I also experienced a variety of bosses and leaders, from micro-managers to the extreme laissez faire to the outright mean-spirited. 

 When I moved into a leadership role I was scared to death, seriously doubted my abilities, and had no idea of who I was or wanted to be as a leader.

 Luckily, I had a coach at that time that helped me see that my doubts and mind chatter were simply the manifestations of old beliefs that weren’t true, and if I wasn’t careful, this story would hold me back from succeeding. 

Together, we challenged my limiting beliefs that enabled me to create a new story that had me courageously step into this new role, with a deserving, confident attitude. 

As I faced my fears, I was able to see more clearly who I wanted to be as a leader. As I stepped courageously into this new role, I felt like someone flipped a switch. That someone was me. You see, as I shifted my story, I was releasing my inner leader. Daily, as I worked on implementing my Leadership Development Plan, I learned to stand in my power and co-create a high-trust psychologically safe team environment. I led from my values, spoke up with confidence and began to show up as the leader I aspired to be.    

Unfortunately, my new boss didn’t agree with this new, bold approach, and we parted ways soon after. At that moment, I was forced to undergo one of the biggest transitions of my life: I had to figure out who I was professionally and what I had to offer other people. 

It wasn’t easy, and a lot of those old fears and doubts started to creep back in. 

Once again, my coach helped me through this transition, keeping me accountable to the work we had done, and encouraging me to embrace this new fear-less leader I had become and channel it into creating my own coaching business.

Today, I want to help you do the same things:


(1) What story are you telling yourself about who you are, what you are capable of and
what opportunities exist out there for you. Challenge the beliefs in your story that are
getting in your way and step boldly into your leader within, the leader you are meant to

(2) Discover where you are “stuck” and then learn how to move forward, in spite of your
fears. Fear will never disappear, but you have what it takes – the courage – to make the
choice to go for it even if you are fearful.

I have always been fascinated with women in leadership, and helping the women I know step into their power. Today, I’d love to share some of the ways that keep me and my clients growing as leaders and as powerful women.

In my work with women I use Lumina Learning tools to help them gain clarity on the strengths and talents that they bring to the leadership table.  We work on leveraging this information in order to access their power as a leader.

I also work with the Conversational Intelligence® body of work to help women gain mastery at building TRUST so that effective Conversations become the basis of strong Relationships, that in turn create a WE-centric culture where collaboration, experimentation, innovation, creativity and accountability are the norm.

I would love to work with you to help you uncover and shift your old story, lose your fears, and unleash the authentic leader that is your birthright. Let me help you lead the co-creation of the high trust, collaborative, WE-centric team of your dreams.

About Carol Henry Coaching

Some Tools We Use

‘Lumina Learning’ creates humanistic and inclusive psychometrics that reveal the full depths of people’s dynamic personality. These next-generation tools avoid typing, labelling and boxing individuals and provide the language and understanding that will help your people increase their self-awareness and their awareness of those with whom they are in relationship. Lumina learning tools help people become more adaptable, communicate more effectively and as a result build strong, trusting personal and workplace relationships. Lumina accelerates personal growth and transforms organizations.

‘Lumina Spark’ is a psychometric assessment tool that helps leaders and their team (both at an individual and collective level) become aware of and value their strengths and personality preferences (in a variety of situations). Understanding how these preferences impact one’s ability to build rapport, communicate, influence others and accomplish goals creates a lasting impact and common ground for individuals and teams, even when under pressure.

‘Lumina Leader’ is an assessment tool designed to nurture leadership to its highest level. This will give you an insight into leading others by understanding your leadership style and the needs of those you are leading. Lumina Leader increases participants’ awareness oftheir own unique leadership style and shows them how to lead naturally and with authenticity. Lumina Leader provides leaders with information that is hard to get elsewhere as it also points to blockers and blind spots we have about our style and behaviour choices and recommends ways to avoid them. Lumina Leader increases self-awareness, decision making capability and confidence to lead others in times of increased competition and ambiguity.

What Carol’s Clients Say About Lumina

Carol brought Lumina Learning tools to our institution in 2013 and because of the response of all participants we rolled Lumina out for all our Administrators, including our Board of Governors. Lumina helped us gain an awareness of our own and our team’s strengths and talents so that we were able to leverage them and become better leaders with better-balanced teams. Lumina provided us with a common language that enabled us to communicate transparently and respectfully and helped us increase our ability to handle all types of conversations, no matter how uncomfortable the issue. Both the Lumina Spark and Lumina Leadersessions are engaging, fun and full of strategies that we implemented immediately to increase our effectiveness as leaders and as team members. When recruiting our new President we hired Carol to include Lumina portraits of the finalists as part of the rubrics we used in making our final choices.

Conversational Intelligence® is an organization’s ability to communicate in ways that create a shared concept of reality.  It is about is about closing the gaps between your reality and mine. Robust, healthy conversations build trust, allowing us to see how others view the world so that we can co-create, collaborate and innovate effectively.

Conversations are not always what we think they are. We’ve grown up believing in a narrow view of conversations, thinking they are about expressing thoughts, observations and opinions. Many see conversations as “persuasion” or “getting others to think the way I think.”

 Because of this viewpoint, 9 out of 10 Conversations “miss the mark” and lose their power.

Conversational Intelligence® is a revolutionary body of work leveraging the power of neuroscience to create profound and lasting transformation for individuals, teams and entire organizational cultures. Combining science and intuition, Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) aspires to shift our world from I-Centric to WE-Centric and architect Conversational Transformation on a neuro-chemical level.

Whether applied to individual leaders and executives, teams or entire organizations, C-IQ is a force for positive transformation such as establishing high levels of trust, triggering growth and innovation, overcoming limiting conversational patterns or gracefully navigating difficult conversations.

As a coach Certified in Conversational Intelligence® I have access to the C-IQ Catalyst Tools and technologies and am equipped to facilitate workshops, masterminds and other in-depth sessions utilizing C-IQ tools and frameworks to elevate performance results, shift organizations into Conversational Rituals that are inclusive and create and sustain a healthy organizational culture and much more.

Together, we are changing the World one conversation at a time!

What Carol’s Clients Say About Conversational Intelligence®

Bringing Conversational Intelligence® to our organization was a game changer for us!Understanding the importance of trust, and how co-regulating team behaviours can build trust has helped us not only have better conversations, but it has helped us understand each other in a way that fosters, experimentation, innovation and accountability.We make it a daily habit to take our “trust temperature” and alter how we are behaving so that we help each other be our best selves.


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