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Hi, I’m Carol, an (ICF) Certified Coach whose mission is to help leaders access their “leader within” and step into their personal and professional power. 

I believe that an increase in ‘self’ and ‘other’ awareness allows us to leverage the skills and talents we bring to our teams and our lives.  This also enables us to communicate in ways that ‘connect’ and spark higher-level brain activity, such as empathy, trust, creativity and strategic thinking. 

By increasing our Mental Fitness we become the masters of our minds and have the ability to navigate life’s challenges with positivity, ease and flow. 

Throughout my 25-year career, I’ve been fascinated with women in leadership, helping them to become the leaders they aspire to be, even in the face of the beliefs they have been holding, that really stem from the outdated traditional bias held against women and girls that persists today. 

I use a coaching model that embraces the experiential so that participants can easily contextualize and apply the learnings immediately. 

Carol Henry

Notable Clients

  • Seneca College
  • Government of Canada
  • CaTECH Systems
  • Biogen
  • Women at Microsoft


  • Connecting women with their power, confidence and inner leader
  • Increased team trust, engagement and collaboration
  • Increased Conversational Intelligence®
  • No more Silos
  • A balanced team that plays for the “front of the shirt”

Press Feature

Testimonials of 1-1 Coaching

When I sought out coaching with Carol I was looking for strategies to build my leadership effectiveness. In our coaching Carol adapted to my personal style of reflection and decision-making and challenged me to think differently. Her support was crucial as she pushed me out of my comfort zone. Growth is a continual process and my success was much easier to attain having Carol along on my leadership journey.

 – Corinne Johnston, Director, Strategic Planning and Institutional Analysis

Before being coached by Carol I was experiencing doubt about my chosen career path. I was feeling ‘pigeon-holed’ and couldn’t see opportunities. Our coaching helped me see how much I loved my profession and gain the confidence to move to a more senior position and take on leadership roles that have now opened more doors for me on my career journey.

 – Laurie Torno, HR University of Toronto

Testimonials of Organizations

Our team had recently undergone some significant changes in personnel, reporting structure and accountabilities. Some of the staff were experiencing some stress, others were dealing with upset and mixed emotions. Our Vice President brought Carol to the college to work through this change process and to help bring the team together in a way that would have us move powerfully forward.
The process Carol used, together with her coaching skills, resulted in each individual team member learning about the qualities they brought to the table as well as understanding and appreciating the different styles that we each possessed. It was a real “ah-ha” moment for us around why some of us were feeling out-of-sync with the new team. What was really powerful was leaving with concrete tools to help us communicate with each other in a way that met each other’s needs.
The team is now a cohesive, high-performing unit. We communicate openly and support each other in any way we can. The “atmosphere” of the office has gone from tense and quiet to open, interactive and highly-productive.
Thanks again Carol for all your leadership, listening and support.

 – G.A. Executive Assistant to Vice President, Georgian College

Carol assisted with the design, launch and delivery of our new Leadership Development Program at the college. Her content expertise and in-depth knowledge of coaching and management principles has resulted in great feedback by our executive and leadership team.  We were particularly thrilled with the Lumina Spark and Lumina Leader programs. Through the debriefing of our personality portraits we were able to develop a keen awareness of our own and each other’s unique communication styles and needs and how best to accommodate these.  Our ability to communicate transparently and respectfully increased and resulted in the upping of our ability to handle all types of conversations, no matter how uncomfortable the issue.  Carol helped us become aware of our own and each other’s strengths and talents and we learned to leverage these so that we became better leaders and better-balanced teams.  
We have also used Carol as a one-on-one coach with newly promoted managers, to help them gain the confidence and leadership skills so that they could “hit the road running”. This one on one coaching program for our new hires has been a great success!

 – Evelyn Humphries Past Director HR

Our time with Carol Henry Coaching was integral to our team moving past some unhealthy dynamics that were holding us back. We had a chance to get to know and understand each other on a more fundamental level, including the strengths we each brought to the table, as well as how to better communicate during difficult moments. The trust our team built in our time with Carol made our weekly management meetings significantly more creative and productive and things just felt like they were flying from there.

 – Diego Maniloff, VP Engineering @ Unata

In December 2015 we hired Carol Henry to work with our “new” executive team. We had just had a major senior leadership refresh and we wanted to establish a “code of conduct” and figure out the best way to work together.

Carol was able to uncover some underlying issues that were getting in our way of being as effective as we could be. So some of the areas that we concentrated on were;

  • Establishing high trust
  • Making sure we don’t have “silo’s”
  • Controlling emotions
  • Accountability
  • Effective Communicating
  • “Playing for the front of the shirt”

Her work was so immediately effective that we now have a standing quarterly visit from Carol in order to help us to continue to build and keep the kind of teams and culture our organization wants and needs.

Our sessions with Carol are always engaging, fun and most of all practical. We always leave invigorated by what we have learned and experimented with in the sessions. But most of all we have strategies to try out and implement immediately.

The safety Carol creates for us in these sessions allows us all to feel comfortable working through our issues together. We focus on increasing our own self-awareness and taking responsibility for our own behavioural choices. We now look at each other with understanding and empathy, making it possible for us all to feel included and valued for the contributions we make. We are better at honouring our commitments, to ourselves and to each other, as to how we will behave in order to create the culture we want and need.

I can honestly say that over the past 3 years our team dynamics have changed for the better. We are using the strategies we have learned to communicate in healthy transparent ways, which in turn enables us to collaborate more effectively and achieve the kinds of goals and results we have committed to as an executive team and organization. As well, each member of the team is able to use their “new tools” to increase trust, accountability, and overall performance within their own respective teams.

 – Cathy Forrestall, Vice President, CaTECH Systems

When I reached out to Carol my team didn’t function well as a team. There was low morale, and inefficiency as a result.  Carol put together a Lumina team Session where we learned the power of valuing and leveraging each other’s strengths and talents in order to build trust and collaborate better together to meet our goals.  One year later, our team had made some excellent communication progress and had worked successfully on some major projects in the office. Morale improved and the team was engaged. Carol came back and worked with us to help us understand what happens when we are under stress and how to re-balance during these times. We also learned much about the importance of trust and the neurochemistry behind it. I would recommend that any new or struggling manager work with Carol to help them connect with their inner leader and develop their “conversational intelligenceÒ”.  Carol, masterfully, professionally and gracefully moved us through engaging exercises that helped us contextualize the theory so that we could our learnings into practice immediately.  This work has helped me and my unit to operate as a highly collaborative team.

 – A. I., Senior Manager, Corporate Services Branch, Health Canada/Government of Canada

Carol is a gifted coach, leader, and mentor. She is able to break down issues and/or situations and realistically evaluate each component, allowing her clients to co-create not only solutions, but real possibilities. She offers a great deal of perception, intellect, patience, and creativity, which made working with her a joyful experience. As I began to grasp the ways that I tended to get in my own way, Carol helped me implement strategies that challenged my narrative. The result was a new-found confidence emerged as I developed new ways of perceiving, thinking, believing and acting. I was beginning to tap into my power and that had me acting just like a leader!

 – C.T. Seneca College Manager

I have generally been successful in my life based solely on my education, work ethic, general intelligence, social skills, customer service focus, etc.  However, in this most recent role I have learned that those skills and abilities are not enough to succeed or don’t meet the increased expectations in the environment that this role has brought me into. My big goal was to develop the skills and habits of mind that would allow me to effectively step up as a leader in this new role. During our coaching sessions I felt comfortable to speak openly, and often our general conversation led to an area of focus valuable to me at that time.  The result was that the coaching often seemed like ‘just-in-time’ support and learning which allowed me to experiment with new ways of being and utilize the suggestions almost immediately in the very near future and see different results quickly.  The best thing about having Carol as a coach is that it is like having a professional friend in your corner, one who will be objective but is there completely to support you in your learning, growth and success.  I feel I gained more insights into myself and my behaviours than I was expecting to and was introduced to tools and methods to assist me in stepping strongly into the leader I actually am and actually have been all along.

 – Sheila S, Sheridan College


97% of Carol Henry Coaching clients rate her programs as

  • engaging
  • insightful and
  • immediately useful

Carol Henry

Hi, I’m Carol, a Leadership and Team Coach specializing in helping women leaders step into their power, both personally and professionally.

About Carol Henry Coaching

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