Fear-less Leadership for Women

To succeed in today’s work environment, where gender is not blind, it is critical that as women and as leaders we are self-aware. We must have the mindset, insight, and practical strategies to navigate the psychological and social reality of being a female leading according to your own unique style and proposition.

The Fear-less Leadership for Women Program is an introspective journey that takes a closer look at gender roles, conflict, and unconscious bias as well as the neurochemistry behind them.  Upon completion of this course, you will have a richer understanding of yourself that will enable you to take a proactive approach to owning your own leadership development ‘story’.

You will develop the awareness, mindset, and habits that will support you in becoming the leader you aspire to be, even in the face of the traditional bias held against women and girls, that continues to persist in most cultures around the world today.

Fear-less Leadership for Women is a 4-month-long online group coaching program consisting of biweekly online sessions with resources, tools and practices to be implemented in between sessions. The program culminates in the creation of a practical Leadership Development Plan that will serve as your guide as you continue your Leadership Journey.


Who It Is For?

If you are a woman aspiring or new to management and/or if you feel blocked, stuck or otherwise challenged on your leadership journey, then this program is for you!
Module One

Who Am I and What is My Story


  • Increase your knowledge of the current State of Women in Leadership globally and in your own organization and understand how that impacts you personally.
  • Discover your own ‘story’ and 3 core stereotypes, beliefs and attitudes that reside in your story and are getting in your way as a leader.
  • Experiment with ways to challenge and reframe these self-limiting beliefs, attitudes and stereotypes
Module Two

My Values and My Roles


  • Discover and Organize the multiple identities you assume in your day to day lives and examine how they relate to your leader within
  • Discover your top 5 Values and the beliefs that underpin them
  • Assess how you use your values and observe how standing in your values impacts your authenticity
Module Three

Developing AWARENESS – of Self and Others


  • Using your Lumina Spark portrait discover the qualities, strengths and talents you choose to use or not use in your personal and professional life
  • Understand the impact of stress on how you use your strengths and how to manage this
  • Learn how to leverage this new ‘self’ and ‘other’ awareness to increase your ability to communicate effectively
Module Four

The Neurochemistry of Your Brain


  • Learn about the neurochemistry of the brain as it relates to stress and to trust.
  • Become mindful of the different physiological, cognitive and emotional states you experience when you are in Trust versus Distrust.
  • Develop some personal strategies to use to build trust.
Module Five

The Importance of Mental Fitness


  • Gain an understanding of Positive Intelligence
  • Discover the importance of a daily practice to rewire your brain for positivity
  • Learn how life’s challenges can be experienced with ease and flow
  • See how a Mental Fitness Practice can reduce stress, increase your well-being and contribute to increased performance
  • Find out how you tend to sabotage yourself, at home, at work and at play
Module Six

The Gift of Conflict


  • Gain an understanding of the neurochemistry of conflict
  • Become familiar with the “story” you tell yourself about conflict and how that impacts your relationships
  • Edit your “conflict story” and create your own unique perspective that will enable you to embrace conflict and leverage its power.
Module seven



  • Understand the value of developing your own brand as a leader and how that helps in advocating for yourself
  • Create your own Personal Leadership Statement
  • Construct your own self-promotion plan and identify 4 influential people to whom you want to promote yourself
  • Find 1 female colleague for you to stand behind and co-create an advocacy plan with her
Module Eight

Going Forward


  • Using the GROWS model and Your Personal Leadership Statement you will create your own Leadership Development Plan
  • Mentoring – choose a mentor and become a mentor

Today, as a Leadership and Team Development Coach, I have the opportunity to share the strategies and tools that keep me growing as both a leader and a coach.

I would love to work with you to help you uncover and shift your old story, lose your fears, and unleash yourself as an authentic confident leader.

Join me!